Belly Dance

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Delilah, our belly dance professional, specializes in cabaret-style belly dance focusing on both traditional and fusion choreography. Classes will develop skill in common belly dance movements, use of finger cymbals and veil, choreography, and improvisation. Belly dance is a great work-out, so please come in yoga pants and a comfortable tank top or T-shirt, no jeans or pants, please. We dance barefoot but if you’re really uncomfortable about not wearing shoes, flat dance shoes are okay.

Delilah started belly dancing fourteen years ago as a form of exercise and quickly connected to the creative and expressive aspects of this uniquely feminine art form that celebrates a woman’s personal power. She has studied with numerous local and nationally-known dancers and has taught classes for the past seven years. Delilah currently performs both as part of a troupe and as a solo artist.

For women, belly dancing is, above all, a celebration of the female form. In addition to its value as an excellent low-impact form of exercise which builds muscle strength, flexibility, and agility, there are elements of creativity in belly dancing that many women find to be a source of inspiration that transfers to their day-to-day lives. Because of the harmony of the dance steps with the body, belly dancing can be a life-long pursuit in which women are able to acquire increasing expertise, regardless of age.

As in practically all other forms of art, American belly dance has given traditional middle-eastern dance movements a uniquely American interpretation, commonly incorporating movements from other forms, such as ballet, jazz, or Latin dance. Another unique aspect of American belly dance is the use of contemporary music, as opposed the more traditional Middle-Eastern melodies.

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