Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner to take lessons?

No. In group classes, we often rotate partners so that everyone has a chance to practice their leading and following skills. In private lessons, an individual student dances with their teacher--a highly effective method of learning.

Do I have to buy a package of lessons?

No. We have a pay-as-you-go method with no contracts to sign. Simply pay with cash, check, or credit card each time you take a lesson. However, some special sales may require you to purchase more than one lesson to take advantage of the sale price.

How many lessons will I need to learn how to dance?

This varies greatly. A lot depends on your expectations, reasons for wanting to learn to dance, frequency of lessons, physical ability, practice outside of the lessons, and whether you’ve had previous dance experience. Some students are satisfied with learning a few steps in a couple popular social dances. This may take only a few lessons. Others are striving for a super smooth and confident look on the floor, with a variety of steps in their repertoire. This will take much longer. And many of our students make dancing a life-long hobby or method of physical fitness. After your first lesson, you’ll have a much better idea and we’ll be able to guide you accordingly.

Should I take group or private lessons?

That depends on your goals and your learning style. Group classes have a more social atmosphere, a set class schedule each week, and a focus on learning steps. We rotate partners sometimes in group classes, which can be an advantage since it helps you to practice lead and follow. If you prefer one-on-one attention, making appointments that work with your changing schedule, and focusing on the smooth technique of the steps, then private lessons are right for you. You can always take one of each to help you decide further, or you can take a combination of both regularly to be more well-rounded.

What should I wear to my lesson?

Whatever you are comfortable moving in. This could be anything from athletic clothing to a suit. You should wear shoes that stay securely on your feet (no flip flops or slip-ons). Shoes with a slicker sole (dress shoes) are better than those with a rubber sole (athletic shoes). We also sell dance shoes if you are interested in owning the proper footwear.

What about competitive dancing? How does this work?

Competitive ballroom dancing, referred to as “dancesport”, is an amazing experience! We have students who dance with their teachers in competition (pro-am) and students who dance with another student, with their teacher as “coach” (am-am). A couple events are local but most involve travel, which of course is part of the fun and excitement! The best plan is to begin with private lessons, then discuss more of the details with your teacher. Preparing for competition takes a lot of time, dedication, and focus, but because of this, you can achieve things you may have never thought possible!

Can I come in and watch a lesson?

You are always welcome to come into the studio and check us out. Just Dancing West is unique in the St. Louis area because we have a glass wall separating our lobby area and the ballroom. You can catch a glimpse of the dancing without disrupting an ongoing lesson. Of course, the best way to find out more about lessons if you’re curious is to just try one!

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