Wedding Dances

We Know Weddings

We've helped hundreds of wedding couples prepare for their special day! From the bride and groom's first dance, to the the father/daughter and mother/son dances, we have you covered. We can even work with the entire wedding party! Whether you want to show your guests something simple and smooth or you want to blow them away with a performance they'll never forget, we are here to make your wedding dance experience easy, fun, and stress-free.

What's Your Style?

Many couples come in with the request "we just want to look like we know how to move together.” Maybe this fits your vision, meaning you don't want anything too over the top but something that looks much nicer than the "prom sway”. Perfect. This is the most common option. Your lessons will involve some simple steps that the gentleman can lead and the lady can follow. Maybe if time allows, we'll throw in a couple spins for some oohs and ahhs.

If this seems too mundane, you may be the type of couple who wants a dance that is more YouTube-worthy. In this case, your teacher will choreograph something that suits your personalities and the music you've chosen. We've created show-stoppers of many flavors--dramatic tangos, Fred and Ginger-style foxtrots, and even a cha cha danced to a special song created specifically for the bride and groom! Whether your style is simple, flashy, or somewhere in between, we will help you every step of the way.

The Best Advice

Start early

Many of our couples say this is the most fun and relaxing part of the wedding planning--a chance to spend quality time together amidst the craziness. Putting lessons off until the last minute only adds to the stress. Even if your wedding is several months or over a year away, get started now! Many couples take one lesson right away to get a feel for the dancing, then they schedule more lessons accordingly.

Bring your song choice to your lesson

Your teacher can then tell you which type of dance and steps will work best with your music. If you haven't picked a song yet, don't worry--we can help you choose, or we can teach you some basics to get you started until you find a song you like.

Think about what suits you best as a couple

Your wedding day is a celebration of your personalities coming together, and the first dance is the perfect opportunity to showcase this to all of your guests. Your lessons are about working together to achieve this. Take advantage of this chance to really work as a team--a skill you'll need for the rest of your lives together.

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